Hey…I am Aswini Nachiyar, a Software Engineer by profession, Art is my passion and now Blogging.

My Story in Nutshell

Right from childhood, I had a passion for Art. Participated in several drawing competitions and got participation certificates 😀 during my schooling and as usual, the burden upon board exams made me forgot my passion.

Later passed my schooling in first-class and pursued my post-graduation on computers and graduated by 2014.

So, what next the struggle of getting a job and finally got a job as a Web Developer in a startup. Maybe the passion for Art made me choose web designing as my profession.

Obviously the next phase of life, marriage happened in 2016. My better half is a Seafarer. I conceived with my baby boy after 3 months of happy marriage and here is where the idea of Achi Kaimarunthu born.


I started this blog to save all the procedures that I followed during my pre and post pregnancy as per my grandma guidance.

Tools Used in Achi kaimarunthu

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I would like to share blogging tools that I am using in achi kaimarunthu with my readers. It might be helpful for beginners also who are starting their blogging journey. I believe choosing the quality blogging tools ensures the success of your blog.



Achi Kaimarunthu is built upon WordPress. It is the widely used Content Management System (CMS) and provides full control over your blog. It is powering 31% of the internet. Many reputed bloggers recommend “Self Hosted WordPress” for successful blogging journey.

Web Host


Achi Kaimarunthu is hosted with Cloudways, which is one of the reputed WebHost providers in the market. Choosing the right hosting for your blog is the key to success as it affects the performance of your blog. Tip: Choosing a server location close to your users will greatly increase the speed of your site.



Selecting the right theme for your blog is utmost important as that’s the one expresses your content to readers. Moreover, a properly coded theme will enhance user experience and boost your SEO. Achi Kaimarunthu uses Generate Press theme which is one of the fastest theme optimized for SEO.



Nobody would like to let their work in vain. Implementing the right security measures will guard your blog from attackers/hackers. Achi kaimarunthu is secured by Malcare security services. It provides automatic backup, security protection, and auto malware clean up services.



Content is the King, but Optimized content wins. Having quality content alone won’t help your blog to appear on Google’s first page. You must optimize your content for SEO and promote it to rank higher on SERP. I am using Rank Math plugin to optimize my content.



No matter what, faster is better and less is more. Achi Kaimarunthu is highly optimized for speed to enhance user experience. I use Swift Performance for speed optimization. This site loads in a fraction of second for Indian users.


I have noticed a lot of awesome blogs with valuable contents out there loads dead slow for users. As a result, those blogs may disappear in the long run. So if you are maintaining a blog or planning to start one, my advice is to take care of those things which I mentioned above.

I hope the information above will be useful to my readers. In case of any doubt or suggestions, let me know in the comment section below.

Did you find this blog helpful? If so, do share this useful blog with your friends. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Hi i am also planning to start a blog…im stil thinking about the basic points…i was in cts for 6 yrs and has resigned last year to take care of my 3 yr old baby..and im frm chennai…wen i was going through your blog..i understand starting blog in wordpress is better than blogspot..i have a doubt like whether they cost anything to start ? When you have started your journey and really can we able to earn through blogging? Which means approximately how much..? How many post we need to start? Please guide me if you have time..waiting for response…

    • Hi Uthaya, its nice to hear from you!
      1.There are 2 wordpress. WordPress.com which is free but comes with lot of restrictions and the other one is WordPress.org which I am using. WordPress.org is the one you have to use if you are serious about blogging and have plans to monetize your blog afterwards.
      2.Cost to start blog in WordPress.org
      Domain- 1000 rps per year
      Hosting- 2500 rps per year basic plan
      3.There are lot of stages to pass before getting some traffic and money from your blog.
      4.My advice is just start your blog, create some good content that is useful to your readers and post consistently. Use social media to promote your blog.
      5.It will take 6 to 12 months to see some traffic. Then you can start earning by displaying ads or affiliate marketing.


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